How I got a free iPod touch, a free iPod classic,

a free PS3, a free wii, and a free XBOX 360 Elite

The truth behind freebie websites

For the past year and a half I've been working on "Incentivized Freebie Websites", those "free iPod" sites you see dotted around the internet. While most of these are scams, there ARE legit companies out there if you do your research. Before I got started I did a lot of reading about online freebies to know what I was getting into.

Here's the basics for those who don't know how these free iPod touch and free PS3 sites work:

  1. You register at the freebie site.
  2. You complete an advertiser's offer (usually a free or cheap trial of a product or service)
  3. You refer a certain number of friends to do the same

So how did I manage to actually get stuff for free? I've received over $5000 in prizes including 5 free iPods, the most recent of which is a free 16 GB iPod touch. The main challenge is finding referrals. When I started with freebies I got my first free iPod by trading referrals with other people. Since then, I've honed my website design skills and I've been able to get all the referrals I've needed for my more recent freebies (my free PS3, free XBOX 360 Elite, free 160GB iPod classic, and free 16GB iPod touch) purely through people visiting my sites and signing up.

Want more information? I suggest you check out the guides I've written. There's piles of information about how these freebie sites work because I've done a lot of research.

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Here are my personal recommendations for the BEST freebie sites on the net:

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